Furniture makers from the 1950s, the Tonello brothers, Silvano, Silvio and Attilio, built up their business and honed their expertise in the field of modular kitchens. They brought kitchens to life, making them more practical and transforming them from a place of chores and hard work to warm and welcoming spaces for family life.

Working with the best designers of the era, they exhibited at the first Milan Furniture Fairs where they won acclaim for their innovative designs and use of different materials and elements. They considered the everyday useability of the kitchen for housewives as essential, whilst still championing design.

The never-ending quest for innovation, for new materials and ideas, was passed down the line to their families who took up the challenge, taking the quest forward using the skills and experience gained working alongside the founders.

The entire chain, from the raw materials to making the furniture, from design right through to fitting, is a service we provide on a daily basis.

Based in a 16th-century villa in the old town of Asolo, working with the most prestigious and renowned producers in Italy, we offer stylishly furnished spaces, both modern and classic, from minimalist to solid wood that's full of character, without neglecting accessories or lighting.



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